What to wear for a family photoshoot

Family photoshoots are a fab opportunity to capture the essence of your loved ones and create lasting memories. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply want to document your family’s growth, there’s a lot to think about when booking a family photoshoot including what location to choose, what you need to bring, and yes…what to wear. In this guide, we’ll explore key considerations for outfit choices, focusing on comfort, weather, season, location, colours, and textures. Most importantly, we’ll emphasise the beauty of embracing your unique family style, even if it doesn’t align with traditional notions of timeless photos.

If you don’t read further than this, the most important thing is that everyone wears what they feel comfortable and happy wearing. No sense trying to force your 11 year old punk daughter to put on a pink frilly dress unless they want to and are happy to do so.

Dressing for Comfort

The ultimate goal of any family photoshoot is to capture the genuine joy and love within your family. To achieve this, prioritise comfort. Encourage each family member, especially your kids, to wear outfits that allow them to move freely and be themselves. When everyone feels comfortable and relaxed in their clothing, the whole family photography experience will be more enjoyable for you.

Consider the Weather

The weather plays a crucial role in determining what to wear for your family photoshoot. In chilly weather, layering is key. You might like to opt for cosy jumpers, scarves, and jackets to keep warm while looking stylish. In warmer seasons (I promise they exist in the UK!), lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are ideal. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect your family from the sun’s rays during outdoor photoshoots. Even on cloudy days in the summer those UV rays can be intense.

Consider the Season

The season can greatly influence your clothing choices. Embrace the beauty of each season by selecting appropriate attire. In the Autumn, you might like to go for earthy tones, cosy jumpers or cardigans. For a springtime shoot, pastels and floral prints can add a touch of freshness. Summer invites vibrant colours and lightweight clothing, while winter calls for rich textures like velvet and deep, warm hues.

Ultimately, choose what is most comfortable for your family that matches your unique style…whilst being safe. Sorry, kid, but t-shirts and shorts aren’t the best choice for a winter shoot in the snow.

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Consider the Location and Backdrop

Your choice of location and backdrop should guide your clothing decisions. If you’re in a lush, green park, consider outfits with a pop of colour or light, cream/white colours to stand out against the natural backdrop. For urban settings, pops of colour can look great or neutrals can provide a more modern look. At home photo sessions give you the opportunity to dress down and cosy. Always remember that the background should complement your family’s style, so choose accordingly.

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Colours and Texture

Coordinating colours within the family is a great way to create a cohesive look. While matching outfits can work and be fun, it’s not necessary unless you want to. Focusing on coordinating colours that complement each other mean your family wears clothes within the same colour palette without being matchy-matchy. You can add interest to your outfits by incorporating different textures like denim or knitwear.

Embracing Unique Styles

One important aspect to remember is that family photos don’t have to adhere to the notion of timeless perfection. Dated photos, like those from the 80s or other eras, can be a treasure trove of memories and character. Your family’s unique style and the clothing choices you make today will become a part of your personal history. So, embrace your family’s quirks and individuality in your photos – they will tell a story that is uniquely yours.


When it comes to choosing outfits for a family photoshoot, the key is to prioritise comfort and authenticity. Allow each family member to wear what makes them feel comfortable and relaxed, so their genuine happiness shines through in the photographs. Embrace the beauty of the season, location, colours, and textures to create a visually pleasing and memorable photoshoot. And don’t be afraid to break the mould by celebrating your family’s unique style, even if it doesn’t fit the traditional idea of timeless photos. After all, these pictures are a celebration of your family’s love, history, and the moments you hold dear.

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