Photographer, Yoga Teacher

Hiya, i'm elle

I’m greatly inspired by nature, connection, and family. I bring this into my work both as a yoga teacher and as a photographer. I like to go on adventures, but am probably a terrible person to take on a road trip unless you want to stop every few minutes to admire the fungi or take pictures. What would probably take the average person 3 hours to hike, it will take me about 6. My husband makes his exasperation well known, but I’m running on the theory that he’ll adapt and grow to like it. I like to sing and dance, both not very well, but both with lots of passion and heart. I also try really hard not to kill my plants.

the doggo

My husband and I rescued our 4 year old husky from Dogs Trust in January 2019. She is incredibly calm and sweet natured in the house. Lovely around people and kids, she will happily give your face lots of licks. She is a completely different dog outdoors. A true hunter guided by her high prey drive, she loves to chase squirrels, rabbits, birds, cats, and sometimes small dogs. She demands her presence acknowledged when she enters the local dog park and most other dogs submit to her very domineering personality. We’re incredibly happy with our doggo and she has integrated really well into our family. It’s hard to imagine life before her…

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