Photographer, Yoga Teacher

Hiya, i'm elle

I like a good adventure in the countryside, Kenzie in tow…or more likely she’s the one towing me up or down the mountain. If you need a bit of a boost up the mountain, just strap an energetic husky around your waist and yell “hike!” You’ll be up in no time. I’ll happily trade her to anyone going down hill, though.

I’m originally from North Carolina and Florida, so now you don’t have to try and guess my accent. I’ve been living in the UK with my husband for the past 3 years. We met on our travels in New Zealand and have been together since. We welcomed doggo into our home in January 2019. 

I started practicing yoga when I lived in South Korea as an English Teacher. I’m always happy to try and practice my Korean with anyone, though it is very rusty now after many years of not being used. I trained as a yoga teacher in 2017 and now run regular classes out of my private home in Rugby, Warwickshire. See when my next yoga class is here.

I try really hard not to kill my plants. I’ve discovered that when the plant tag at the garden centre says “plant loves direct sunlight” it actually means “plant hates direct sunlight and will burn if you put it there, so place it in indirect sun instead.”

the doggo

We rescued our 4-year-old husky, Kenzie, from in January 2019. We went in wanting a cat, and came home with a cat in a dog suit. She has the personality and attitude of a cat, but all the outward characteristics of a dog. Basically a cat that looks like a dog that requires a lot of walking. But we wouldn’t change it for anything. At home she’s incredibly calm and sweet-natured, she loves people and kids and will happily give your face a good lick. Let her outside and she is very high-spirited! She loves nothing more than a good chase – birds, squirrels, rabbits, cats and even other dogs. She is the boss at the dog park and the other dogs know it. She’s integrated so well into our family, and now we could never imagine life without her.

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