3 Tips to Prepare for an Intimate or Boudoir Pregnancy Photoshoot

An intimate pregnancy photoshoot can be a powerful way to celebrate your body, your unborn baby, and your pregnancy. 

One reason I became a family and maternity photographer is because I believe any pregnancy photoshoot can be a magical and affirming thing! If you are on the fence about whether photographing your pregancy is right for you, I have laid out some reasons why you should consider it

But if you are interested in a boudoir pregnancy photoshoot (whether you have one lined up or are just curious), keep reading…  

Is a Boudoir Pregnancy Photoshoot Right for Me?

Some people are drawn to a boudoir pregnancy photoshoot because they feel a unique sense of sexy embodiment when pregnant, however many feel the complete opposite! This doesn’t mean an intimate pregnancy photoshoot is off the cards, as it can actually help you feel more confident in your pregnant body — something that can be important for longer-term wellbeing. 

Many things can contribute to prenatal and postpartum depression, but one thing that has been shown to potentially lead to or exacerbate it is poor body image. An intimate pregnancy shoot (or any maternity photoshoot) can act as a reminder during and after your pregnancy that the pregnant body is a phenomenal thing and should be loved, celebrated, and admired. It is growing an entire human, afterall.   

So, without further ado, here are my three top tips for preparing for a boudoir pregnancy photoshoot. 

  1. Decide on your Location

The key question here is where will you will be most comfortable and at ease? The first thing to weigh up is whether your intimate photoshoot will be outside in nature or inside. 

Intimate pregnancy photoshoots can take a little more planning, so I recommend that you chat to your photographer in well in advance. They often know of private or secluded outdoor locations or have studios to work with.

Outdoors Pregnancy Intimate Photoshoots

Nature and intimate pregnancy photoshoots seem to go hand-in-hand, as they capture the connection between the nurturing pregnant body and the natural cycles of mother earth. Aesthetically, natural light, bodies of water, and dappled light through foliage are magical backdrops for the nude or partially clothed pregnant body. 

There is, of course, a major limitation — privacy! It’s essential that you feel comfortable and safe during your photoshoot (and that we don’t get arrested for public indecency).  

If you have access to private land, or even a nice big tree in your garden at home, then this makes things easier in terms of privacy, comfort, and safety! However, it may also be possible to find a secluded outdoor location in public woodlands. 

As a Sheffield based pregnancy photographer I have so much gorgeous nature on my doorstep, and I am pretty well versed in seeking out the best natural spots for photoshoots. If you know you want outdoor photos but don’t have any private places in mind, I am happy to make some recommendations around South Yorkshire. 

Indoor Pregnancy Intimate Photoshoots

Inside your own home is an easy choice when it comes to ease and comfort! It may also be the location you want to commemorate and celebrate as the space that held you during your pregnancy. 

Think about lighting in advance, natural light and rooms with large windows are often the easiest to work in. But it is also possible to create the lighting you desire with lamps.  

You don’t need to be restricted to the bedroom. Bathtubs and showers, blank walls, windows (if you are comfortable standing in front of one), sofas, and rugs are all excellent locations.  

  1.  What to Wear

No, this isn’t a trick tip — chances are you won’t be completely nude, although you can be if you want! However, in most intimate photoshoots the subject is wearing some kind of covering.  

Clothing and covering options:

  • Underwear (as fancy or simple as you like)
  • A robe
  • A button-down shirt (white or sheer ones can look lovely)
  • A t-shirt and panties
  • A sheet, blanket, or scarf to wrap around yourself. 

If you want to combine an intimate and regular maternity photoshoot I have some outfit tips here.

You can also borrow wraps and robes from my Client Wardrobe.

Have Fun!

My intention is to make all my clients — especially those who want more intimate pregnancy pictures — feel as comfortable and confident as possible so we can get the best pictures possible. In all my years of being a photographer, I have learned that the best way to ensure this is to have as much fun as possible.

Not only do you get photos that feel the most authentic when you are having a good time, but it’s an opportunity to create positive memories of this time. When you look back on the photos celebrating your pregnancy, you will also have the positive associations of the photoshoot experience as a reminder. 

If you are based in South Yorkshire and would like to book an intimate pregnancy photoshoot, a regular maternity photoshoot, or a combination of the two, please get in touch! If you are still uncertain, please reach out for a completely no obligations chat!

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