Pregnancy Photoshoot at Sunflower Field in Sheffield

It was an absolute delight to photograph Hannah at Eastfield Farm at Tickhill in their beautiful sunflower field. Eastfield Farm is located just a short distance from Sheffield in Doncaster and it was well worth the drive!

Hannah initially enquired with me about birth photography in Sheffield and as part of my birth photography services, I offer a free pregnancy mini photoshoot. We spent a short 30 minutes in the sunflower field at Eastfield Farm, but captured so many wonderful memories.

Here’s what Hannah had to say about the experience:

The absolute highlight of my week was the shoot with you guys!! And as such I wanted to send you proper feedback. So my background during my 20’s was that I was heavily involved with beauty pageants for around 10 years- (I had an incredible time and some unforgettable experiences) but as such it has meant I have been involved in lots of photoshoots- and due to the nature of both the industry, and my personality probably- that meant everything being perfect ( nails/ professional hair and makeup/ toned body/ multiple people on longggg shoots with light deflectors, different lenses, posed images etc etc etc I’m sure you can imagine) – this, has made me a bit of a perfectionist- for our shoot however I really wanted It to reflect this genuine and important moment in my life of carrying my first child- it was my first ever shoot without hair extensions, without a flat stomach, without professional makeup, and without heavy airbrushing- and as such I felt more ‘ naked’ on our bump shoot than I ever have previously in front of the camera- and much more nervous. Obviously I arrived late and flustered, and you were totally professional, positive, lovely, kind, and have an energy that means the other person cannot help but feel at ease. 30 minutes- literally a few snaps- and you were done- and I’ll be honest I wondered how I would feel about such ‘real’ images of myself. When the pictures came through I was over the moon!!! ( it actually made me quite emotional) [Your photos] are natural, bright, positive, colourful, and just totally lovely. You obviously have a true talent to be able to shoot so casually, make your model so at ease ( all whilst casually baby wearing your beautiful son), and produce such stunning images. ( and actually when I went back to your inspiration image on the original email we have blown that one out of the park!! So well done you smashed it!!) – I will be 100% be recommending you to friends and family, and 100% will be booking shoots with you for our family in the future.

– Hannah

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