5 Reasons to Consider Photographing Your Pregnancy

You might be on the fence about taking pictures during your pregnancy. Maybe you’re not quite sure what it’s all about or why you might like to have a photo shoot while you’re pregnant. That’s okay, hopefully this post will give you some things to consider while making this decision.

Time Flies

Ultimately, time flies. While it may not feel like it when you’re in that third trimester stage, pleading with baby to make its appearance like….yesterday. Your pregnancy days are short. Photographing your pregnancy can help you to remember those days when it was just you and baby, intimately connected.

Your Kid Will Want to See Them

I LOVE seeing photos of my mom when she was pregnant. There aren’t that many, but they are photos that I’m fond of. The photos show what my mom was like before I came along and remind me that she has a full history before me (as much as I like to sometimes think her life was all about me).

A Celebration

The thing that blows me away every single time about pregnancy is how incredible the human body is. You are growing a literal human being in your womb. You are creating life itself. That is so worth celebrating. Celebrating your amazing body, the life you’re growing, the expectation of a little baby!

Family Bonding

This one is especially something to consider if you have other kids. A photoshoot is an experience. When siblings are involved, it becomes a play field and a big family bonding experience.

An Excuse to Feel Good

We don’t really need excuses to do things that make us feel good. And while you may be thinking “being in front of a camera does NOT sound like my idea of feeling good” I would briefly like to point out that 90% of my clients say they hate being in front of a camera and then turn around professing love for their photos afterwards. (the other 10% are weird(ly awesome) people that like having their photo taken)

And there we have it. 5 reasons to consider photographing your pregnancy. I would also like to point out, that you might like to consider photographing your pregnancy regardless if you hire a professional or not. Take out your phone, take some mirror selfies of that gorgeous bump of yours. These photos are memories for you.

If you want help taking those mirror selfies to the next level, fill out the form on my contact page and let’s get in touch about working together.

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