Relaxed Virtual Pregnancy Photoshoot

Did you know that we can do a photoshoot in your home right on your phone? Virtual photography skyrocketed when COVID-19 hit. The pandemic forced many to isolate in lockdowns around the world, but babies don’t just stop being born.

Whilst I couldn’t physically go to photograph my clients and their new arrivals, I did some 1:1 mentoring calls with past clients guiding them on how to take better photos of their kids. I even have a little guide you can get for that when you sign up to my mailing list.

I also introduced virtual photoshoots to reach past clients that I had moved away from by their request. After giving birth, travelling further than 40 miles from Sheffield was no longer very feasible, but virtual photography has enabled me to still document these special moments.

I first photographed Anna back in 2017 after she gave birth to her daughter, Iris. We originally were going to photograph her pregnancy with Iris, but she ended up giving birth on the day of our scheduled session. This is also why I now advise booking your session towards the start of your third trimester. (We all learn the more experience we have, right?) When she became pregnant again in 2021, we knew we wanted to document her pregnancy because we were unable to do so with Iris.

Due to COVID, travel impracticalities, and no childcare, I was unable to get to London to photograph Anna in person. This is where virtual photography came in. Anna downloaded an app which allowed me access to her phone’s camera. I directed and guided her on where to place the phone and where she should position herself. Below are the resulting photos from our very relaxed pregnancy virtual photoshoot.

If you think you’d be interested in booking a virtual photoshoot, you can learn more about them here.

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