Baby Iris

Surrey Newborn Family Photographer

You know that new mother glow? The glow that shines in spite of sleep deprivation and the feelings of confusion and the doubtful thoughts that slip into the head: “can I even do this?” The glow of life and happiness and wonder at the tiny human you and your partner created that peeks through the clouds of anxiety.

Arriving at Anna’s home, I immediately noticed a difference in Anna’s appearance. Not the obvious fact that her belly was flatter since giving birth three months ago, but a difference in her energy and the way that that energy affects the small details of a person’s outward appearance. She was radiant. Absolutely radiant. She had that glow.

We chatted for a long time about Anna’s birth experience and how a newborn in the house has changed certain aspects of her and her husband’s life. When I brought my camera out, baby Iris just could not look away from it. Her big, curious eyes followed my camera wherever it went.

I was so honoured to take a few portraits of Anna and Iris. I use the word “goddess” to frequently describe many women that I meet because they are all goddesses in my eyes, but Anna truly is that—a goddess. Born and raised in the South of the USA, she lives in the UK with her husband. She is separated from her American family by a big, vast, blue ocean, and as a new mother—that is tough. For anyone parenting without a family nearby (whether by blood or chosen), it takes a lot of resiliency. Her strength, compassion, and capacity for love inspires me. She is and will continue to be an amazing mum.

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  1. What a gorgeous mother and baby . Wishing I lived in London so you could have photographed my newborn.

  2. Ohhhhh my goodness gracious, this is so sweet! Im going to be visiting my sister in London I know she was looking for a Newborn Photographer, do you have any openings for a december baby?

  3. Oh my goodness, what precious newborn work! London is super lucky to have you as a photographer!

  4. I love the name Iris for a newborn! You captured this little one so perfectly as the photographer. My brother in law lives in London and will be welcoming his first child soon, I will definitely mention your name to him!

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