Surprise Proposal and Filey Beach Maternity Photoshoot

Towards the end of August, I received the most special request to photograph a surprise proposal at Filey Beach. Steve reached out to me because I had previously photographed Hannah and was already planning a second shoot with her. We started hatching a plan about how it would seem like Hannah’s idea to photograph at Filey since the beach was some distance for both of us, being based in Sheffield. Steve suggested a message to send to Hannah along the lines of: “I’d love to do our next shoot at a beach, but not sure which one to go to since I recently moved to South Yorkshire. Do you have any recommendations?”

Hannah immediately came back with Filey and how she’s always really wanted to do a beach pregnancy photoshoot. Our plan was coming along nicely. We picked a date and I made excuses as to why we couldn’t travel together (I needed to meet my mother in law after who lived not far away….) since Steve had also planned a lovely dinner with family after the shoot as a surprise.

On the day, we started by taking some solo shots of Hannah to give Steve the opportunity to get set up with the ring and collect his nerves. I then invited Steve to join us in the pictures. You’ll notice in some of the pictures the ring box in his pocket. Beforehand, Steve and I came up with a queue that he should get ready to pop the question. When the time came, I said something along the lines of: “sorry, give me just a minute to change memory cards.” I stepped back and away to give them some time and space as Steve wanted a private moment to say some things. I kept my camera trained on them the entire time, however.

It was then that Steve knelt down and proposed. It was honestly such a pleasure and honour to be a part of that moment. Hannah had absolutely no clue that is was happening, but was incredibly happy to say yes to her partner. After getting the key shots, I gave the couple a few moments to themselves. When they were ready we took a couple more images and I headed home.

It was such a magical afternoon with these two and I wish them all the best with both their parenting and married journey.

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