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London Maternity Photographers

Heather and Adrian met online and after their first date over tapas and wine, decided ‘Hey – that was fun, let’s do it again.’ Thus, a relationship began and now here we are later on down the road. Heather is pregnant with twins (though has given birth at the time of this writing already–I’m set to meet her boys later this week) and a whole new journey has opened up.

London Maternity Photographers

What was your thought process when you found out you were pregnant? How did you feel?:

I was thrilled when I found out I was pregnant. In fact the night before we tested, I dreamt I tested and got a positive result – woke up to that in real life. I was also adamant that it was twins. From the moment we started thinking babies – it was always babies – I couldn’t think of just one baby. As an intuitive person – I ran with it – that means twins. 3 months later – we found out I was right! I was still ecstatic then. Having twins is so special and the journey since has been a rollercoaster of considering the joy (yay!) the practicalities of two babies at once (whoa!) and the ways in which our life will change.

London Maternity Photographers

What are you looking forward to the most about being a parent?:

I’m looking forward to family life – a slightly slower life. Time in the park, playing with toys, going to play groups, cuddles, introducing our boys to the world. It feels a huge responsibility, and as a coach I’m fascinated by what it’ll mean to raise identical boys to develop their own unique identity, but I think we’re ready (as much as ‘ready’ is even possible with the uncertainty that is bringing new humans into the world).

London Maternity Photographers

What’s the weirdest pregnancy advice you’ve been given?:

Don’t nap! Not necessarily weird advice, but for a sleeper pregnant with twins who will guarantee less sleep – silly advice!

London Maternity Photographers

What did you think about the photography? What was it like to work with me? Why did you decide to book me? :

The photography was lovely. It felt more like a silly walk through a lovely tree and nature filled place than an official photography session. And that’s why we booked Elle – I liked her laid back approach and that all her photos look less like a photography session and more like magic screens into a day in the life. We’re big on candid photos and that’s the vibe Elle’s photography gives off. Everything also feels so light – the actual lighting, the experience, Elle’s energy – it’s great. We also loved the idea of one ‘eye’ capturing the whole experience from bump to 1 year old – I think the consistency (and being able to book in advance before sleep deprivation makes sure we forget all the things) is something that will create brilliant memories.

London Maternity Photographers

Do you have any advice for anyone else on the pregnancy rollercoaster?:

Be mindful of the information you consume. Pregnancy is a common thing – your unique experience is not! Whilst it’s helpful to share that experience with people and to read up – I think it can do more harm to our thinking than good. I’m a fan of the intuitive approach so I did start with lots of apps – and then swiftly deleted them. I only ever looked up things that I felt were important – not things I was told should be important. And, as much as possible, don’t go crazy with the prep.

I did nest like a mad person. I found it distracted me from the feeling state which, in the end, is what I want to remember about growing my boys – their kicks, the emotions, the learning, the daydreaming. Finding ways to be really present and enjoy the experience is the most important thing for mum and babies.

London Maternity Photographer
London Maternity Photographer
London Maternity Photographer

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