Winter Family Photoshoot at Padley Gorge

Whilst the warmer months like Summer are a very popular choice for many family photoshoots, the cooler months and winter has its own magic. A family photoshoot is rarely about the location, though the location can assist a mood or vibe of photos that you’d like. Family photoshoots are firstly and primarily about the people involved. Moments, emotion and connection over beautiful backdrops, but living in Sheffield so near to the Peak District offers us the opportunity for both.

Padley Gorge makes a beautiful backdrop for family photos and offers a wonderful playfield for kids. There are loads of puddles and water to splash about in–so be sure to pack your wellies! Padley Gorge has a lovely variety of woodland, mossy rocks, rippling water, stepping stones, big open skies, and grassy bits. It’s great for kids to play, run around, and splash about, even in the winter!

It was a joy to meet Sophie, Max, Zeffi, and Rudy at Padley Gorge for a play. We had a great time gathering sticks to be our fishing poles and fishing for little aquatic creatures in the water. Rudy didn’t care about the cold at all as he splashed about in puddles, while Zeffi was a bit more practical and hesitant about the cold water.

If you’re interested in booking a family photoshoot in or near Sheffield, do get in touch.

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