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moments to hold on to

pregnancy & newborn

Though it may not seem like it at the time when you are pregnant, when you’re in your third trimester and counting down the days to your due date, your pregnancy days fly by.

Pregnancy Photography is a chance to document a time in your life that, for some, only comes once, and for others occurs a couple more times. Regardless if this is your first pregnancy or fourth, photographing these moments is a special time.

The same is true for newborn and baby photography.

When your child is 6 months old, you’ll be reminiscing about when they were 1 week old. When they are 3 years old, you’ll be thinking back to when they were 6 months old. It’s important to document those days to remember them and to pass down to them in the future.

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Couple with newborn baby in their London home by photographer Elle Narbrook
Warwickshire Newborn Photographer
moments to hold on to

family photography

Family is incredibly important to me.

As someone who lives thousands of miles away from the family she grew up with, I can safely say that without photos and the brilliance of technology, I wouldn’t know how to cope.

Your family isn’t always the one you were born into this world with. Since moving abroad, I’ve made a new family. Your friends become family and the community you engage with becomes your family. There are families of all sorts and we can all understand the powerful nature of love, acceptance, and kindness.

It is this connection, this raw, unparalleled connection that I seek to capture with my photography. To freeze an instant in time where you feel full. Full of love and allllll the feelings. To document the moment as it happens in its imperfect glory, free from the traditional posing and backdrops.

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"If I can recommend anything, it's to make space to have these glimpses in time photographed by someone who sees the emotions you want to remember. Thank you for this, Elle."

- Annie Montgomery