Photoshoot Adventure at a Christmas Tree Farm in the Peak District

‘Tis the season for joy, laughter, and the warm glow of holiday lights. As I’m looking ahead to this years Christmas mini sessions, I’m recounting last years unexpected adventure at a Christmas tree farm on the edge of the Peak District. It was a tale of resilience, unpredictability, and the sheer determination to capture the spirit of Christmas. Join me as I relive the past experience of doing a photoshoot at a Christmas tree farm, where the British weather had quite the surprise in store for us…but is rain in November really a surprise?

The Grand Plan

The plan was simple: create an enchanting Christmas photoshoot at a picturesque tree farm, filled with happy families and the aroma of pine needles. We had meticulously scheduled the shoot for a crisp, sunny November day, as per the weather forecast…I even triple checked it before leaving the house. But as we quickly learned, Mother Nature doesn’t always adhere to our plans.

Day 1: Here Comes the…Rain

As the morning of the photoshoot dawned, excitement filled the air. My cameras were ready, my flask of tea filled to the brim, and I was ready to meet the families that were dressed in their holiday best. However, when arriving at the tree farm, my heart sank a little bit. The sunshine that was promised by the app on my phone were in reality grey drizzly clouds. The weather forecast had betrayed us.

The Christmas tree farm, which we had envisioned as the perfect Christmas backdrop for our photos, looked less than inviting, especially to the parents of very young children. Two families had already arrived while I tried calling the remaining families to reschedule. Those two families braved the rain, which started as a soft drizzle but soon became a lot worse. Fortunately, we were still able to capture some beautiful memories for them.

Day 2: The Reschedule

It can, and does happen, that we need to reschedule mini sessions due to the weather. Day 2 saw three families join me at the Christmas tree farm where the weather was grey…but dry. We had a wonderful time running around the trees, playing hide and seek, find trees the same height as us, and yes…even sword fights! One family brought their dog and on the whole, we had a great time despite needing to previously reschedule.

Unpredictability of British Weather

The unpredictability of British weather is a well-known fact, but it had never hit us so hard until these minis. Despite meticulous planning and checking weather forecasts, we learned that sometimes, nature has its own plans. Rainfall can change the entire mood of a photoshoot, making it challenging to capture the warm, festive spirit we were aiming for, but we gave it our best shot!

Learning from the Experience

After the Christmas tree farm experience, I’ve decided to adapt to the whims of the British climate. Instead of fighting the elements, I’m embracing them by moving the Christmas mini sessions indoors to a studio setting. This will allow us to control the environment and ensure a cosy, dry, and welcoming space. This isn’t to say that I’ll never do minis at a tree farm again, but for now that’s on pause.

Our Christmas photoshoot adventure at the tree farm was a lesson in resilience and adaptability. While the British weather may have dashed our initial plans, it couldn’t dampen our spirits. We learned that sometimes, the best memories are made when you embrace the unexpected and turn challenges into opportunities.

In the future, our Christmas mini sessions will continue to capture the enchantment of the season, but this time, we’ll do it in the cosy, controlled environment of a studio. We may have traded muddy boots for warm, dry spaces, but the documentary style vibes and the joy of the holiday season will remain unchanged.

So, as we gear up for another holiday season, we’re ready to create memories that will last a lifetime, rain or shine. Because in the end, it’s not about the weather; it’s about the love, laughter, and magic of Christmas that I’m privileged to capture through my lens.

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