In Home Newborn Photography in Rotherham

A few days before Christmas in Rotherham, I got to meet and photograph beautiful baby Violet. She was awake and alert when I first arrived, fresh from a bath. We were able to capture some really lovely photographs with her eyes open. Whilst she did not approve of putting clothes on (do many babies actually like being changed??), she soon settled into a peaceful sleep and we were able to capture some more serene moments.

I’ve said it many times before, but photographing newborns or small babies at home is literally the best. Parents and babies are both more at ease and not taken out of routine (if one exists) too much. Everything is nearby and at hand should you need it, and even pets and other family members can get involved.

It was lovely to drive up to Rotherham and capture some newborn photography for Kirstie and Lee before they make their move to the Isle of Man.

If you’re looking for a newborn or baby photographer in or around Sheffield, please get in touch.

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