Tips to prepare for a sunset photoshoot in poppy fields near Sheffield

Poppy Fields make for a beautiful backdrop for family photos and we’re very fortunate in Sheffield to have some close by! A short drive down to Dronfield and you can discover the deep red fields for yourself. Poppy fields are normally in full bloom any where between June to September. It’s best to start booking your poppy field photoshoot around April or May to ensure your photographer can schedule you in.

I had a few families join me at the poppy field near Sheffield around sunset for short mini sessions. Each of these families have toddlers, and with sunset being quite late in the summer, it can be confusing (and a bit difficult) for toddlers to manage a late photoshoot.

However, here are a few tips you can do to prepare your small for a sunset or golden hour photoshoot in the evening:

1. Adjust nap times as best you can

We all know how dangerous the danger nap really is. That post 3 or 4pm nap time is usually devastating for us. However, when you’ve got a late photoshoot scheduled, those danger naps can actually be just what you need to see your kid feeling energised and excited for a photoshoot in the evening.

2. Feed everyone (but especially the kids)

No one is happy on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat your tea or dinner before your shoot and bring snacks! If you do bring snacks or treats, try and avoid giving them to your kid during the shoot. This can lead kids to become fixated on the food or meltdowns. Rather save it towards the end or after.

3. Check your mood

It’s easy to allow stress to creep up on us as parents. Our kids feed off of our energy, however, so if we’re stressed—they’re stressed. Let go, let the kids lead the session, and remain upbeat and energetic.

4. Talk about the session throughout the day

Kids like to know what to expect, so let them know what’s happening. Keep mentioning how excited you are for the photoshoot throughout the day. Hype it up! Talk about how much fun you’re all going to have, how you’re going to play and cuddle and explore together. How exciting it will be to stay up past their bedtime, etc.

5. Let go of all expectations

Things will happen as they happen. Kids will be kids and if we allow space for that, then we can relax and go with the flow of the session.

Want to book a photoshoot at a poppy field near Sheffield? Get in touch and let’s chat about it!

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