Elle Narbrook Yoga and Photography

Photographer | Yoga Teacher

Elle Narbrook

Hiya! I’m Elle (pronounced L-E) and I’m a yoga teacher and photographer. When I started photographing professionally, I noticed the aches and pains that accompanied the job and the mental drainage of being self-employed. I started using my knowledge of yoga to help myself physically and mentally. Now, I’m primarily teaching yoga while photography remains on as a secondary passion.

Outside of yoga and photography, I’m your standard anxious and socially awkward human being. I like to adventure, but am probably a terrible person to take on a road trip unless you want to stop every few minutes to admire the fungi or take pictures. What would probably take the average person 3 hours to hike, it will take me about 6. My husband makes his exasperation well known, but I’m running on the theory that he’ll adapt and grow to like it.

I like to sing and dance, both not very well, but both with lots of passion and heart.

I also try really hard not to kill my plants.

The Yoga Teacher

When it comes to teaching group yoga classes, I seek to teach to the individual. Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, with different expectations, goals, and abilities. I aim to provide a safe space for students to feel empowered within their own body. The breath and body are your best teachers, and I encourage my students throughout my classes to listen to them and do what’s best for them in that moment. My classes are suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to long-time practitioners.

I’m also available for one-to-one teaching, just send me a message.

My yoga classes are held in Surrey, but I also travel to teach workshops.

Elle Narbrook Yoga - Wild Thing

The Photographer

Creating honest imagery and documenting real emotions. The messy and the beautiful.

My style as a photographer is unobtrusive and natural to reflect an authentic you. I like to capture the little things, the tiny moments, the details that sometimes go missing, and the big emotions. I avoid awkward posing and instead gravitate towards the genuine, raw, and unapologetically you that your friends and family know and love.

I primarily photograph maternity and newborns, but also work with families, brands, and couples.

I’m available to photograph throughout Surrey, London, and West Sussex.