Elle Narbrook Yoga and Photography

Yoga Teacher | Photographer

Elle Narbrook

Hiya! I’m Elle (pronounced L-E) and I’m a yoga teacher and photographer. I’m greatly inspired by nature, connection, and family. I bring this into my work both as a yoga teacher and as a photographer.

Outside of yoga and photography, I’m your standard anxious (why do you think I started yoga?) and socially awkward human being. I like to go on adventures, but am probably a terrible person to take on a road trip unless you want to stop every few minutes to admire the fungi or take pictures. What would probably take the average person 3 hours to hike, it will take me about 6. My husband makes his exasperation well known, but I’m running on the theory that he’ll adapt and grow to like it.

I like to sing and dance, both not very well, but both with lots of passion and heart.

I also try really hard not to kill my plants.

The Yoga Teacher

The transformational benefits of yoga are incredible. I began yoga at a time in my life when I felt isolated, anxious, and depressed. I still feel these things from time to time, but my journey through yoga has provided me with tools to keep those feelings at bay. My mental health is in a pretty good place nowadays and I love to share this practice with anyone that wants to learn. To be guided by the sensations and feelings in your body rather than forcing it into unobtainable shapes. To feel empowered in your practice and give yourself a bit of space to just be.

My yoga classes are held in Rugby, but I also travel to teach workshops.

I’m also available for one-to-one teaching, just send me a message.

I am a Yoga Quota badgeholder, meaning that I have committed to spreading the benefits of yoga to vulnerable groups and those that otherwise wouldn’t have access to this practice. I’m a firm believer that yoga should be accessible to all who want it.

The Photographer

Creating honest imagery and documenting real emotions. The messy and the beautiful.

My style as a photographer is unobtrusive and natural to reflect an authentic you. I like to capture the little things, the tiny moments, the details that sometimes go missing, and the big emotions. I avoid awkward posing and instead gravitate towards the genuine, raw, and unapologetically you that your friends and family know and love.

I primarily photograph maternity’s, newborn’s, and families. I also work with small business owners that are creatives, makers, or yoga teachers.

I’m available to photograph throughout Warwickshire, London, Oxford, and beyond.