Rugby based Yoga Teacher offering group and individual yoga sessions.

I offer classes that are intuitively based with a focus on awareness, sensation, connection, and mindful movement. Throughout my classes, I encourage a mindful approach to exploring Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative Yoga. Yoga has many great benefits including reducing stress, building body awareness, strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, and promoting rest.

Anyone can practice yoga. I welcome all people of all sizes of all backgrounds to join and benefit from the transformational power of yoga.


Private and Small Group Classes

One-to-one classes or small group classes are a great way of having individualized focused on your needs. Whether you're just starting out on your yoga journey, or an injury or other condition prevents you from joining a group class, or perhaps you want to share the experience with just a few close friends or family, these sessions are made for you. They can be located in the privacy of your own home or at my home studio in Bilton, Rugby. Session rates can be split amongst 5 people (at my home studio or your location). All props are provided for private and small group sessions (mats, bolsters, blocks, bricks, blankets)

1 x 60 minute session: £45

3 x 60 minute session: £110

5 x 60 minute sessions: £180

Register your interest in private or small group classes here.



I teach yoga classes in Rugby, Warwickshire, but I also travel to teach workshops. If you're interested in me bringing a workshop to your local area or would like to attend a particular workshop on a certain subject, send me a message.

Slow Vinyasa




Location: Private Home in Bilton

Exact address and location sent upon booking

A slow vinyasa yoga class aimed at finding a bit of ease and space within the body. There is an emphasis on synchronising breath and movement in a slow, mindful way.

A typical class will flow through a warm up sequence, sun salutations (with several options given), a few standing postures, seated and supine postures. Every class ends with relaxation.

Perfect for beginners or regular practitioners looking to deepen their connection to breath, body, and mind.

Pregnancy Yoga






*Changing to Mondays on Oct 28th

Location: Private Home in Bilton

Exact address and location sent upon booking

Pregnancy yoga can be incredibly supportive and nurturing as you grow your baby. This class provides space for rest, relaxation, reconnection, and community. We use a combination of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and relaxation techniques to help create a sense of inner balance and connect both emotionally and mentally with yourself and growing baby. This class also provides a great way to meet other pregnant people and feel part of a community.

Postnatal Yoga




Location: Private Home in Bilton

Exact address and location sent upon booking

A postnatal yoga class focussed on nurturing and restoring energy levels, gently activating muscles, and building a sense of community.

Postnatal classes can be joined 6 weeks post vaginal birth or 10-12 weeks post C-Section, 3rd or 4th degree tearing, or other complications to allow the tissues more time to recover. If you have any questions regarding when you should join the class, please get in touch with me.

Babies are welcome to attend up until they can crawl. Please bring a blanket or something for them to lay on. There is not enough room in the space for prams, so please leave those at home. Baby seats are okay.

There is an option to stay and enjoy a cup of tea together if you have time.